"Two Directors from the bush, away from the cattle & hard to catch."

Antilope derives from the Greek anthos (flower) and ops (eye), meaning “beautiful eye” alluding to the animals’ long eyelashes, which help them see better through the thick grass.

Elliot has a passion for all levels of visual production. He graduated in Digital Media Design from the London College of Communication, where he learned to manage the production process from scratch. Always on the hunt for innovative international trends, he also has a strong appreciation for cinematic tradition. He learned how to manage multiple priorities within pre-set deadlines during his stay at Irène and 75 in Paris. He is an energetic director and video-editor who spent half of his life evolving his craft.

Louis Vignat is a French photographer and director based in Berlin. Trained at ESAG Penninghen, Loui favors the field over theory, making his debut with Laurent Seroussi, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Marc Ascoli. Inspired by the human and spatial diversity of Berlin; he founded the Studio Chérie, while continuing to assert himself as a director and fashion photographer in Paris.His photos transcend the poetry of primary colors and simple lines. His compositions naturally extend the raw geometry of a setting, the character of a face, or the echoes of a season.